9 ways to stay healthier when working from home

If you are lucky enough to work from home you will know and appreciate there is something ever so satisfying about it. The commute is about as far as where you left the laptop, there is no parking involved, you have your very own bathroom when you want it (and can spend as long as you want in there without your manager wondering where you are) and the perks of (sometimes) working in your shorts.

However, despite all of these advantages, there are downsides too. The whole working from home can be really unproductive if you're not disciplined. Frequent trips to the fridge, limited human interaction, disorganised piles of paper strewn along the living room floor...can you relate to any of this??

Finding a balance between working hard and staying happy whilst working from home can be made easier by following few simple steps and finding out what works best for you. 

Making a few simple changes, changing your routine up a little bit can make working from home be the truly satisfying and fulfilling experience it should be.

1. Treadmill desks

So these just may be a fad but a lot of people are raving about how beneficial they've been to productivity! If you can afford to have one in your home office, it certainly would help burn some calories whilst working.

And there is also research support the movement (no pun intended) from academic heavyweights! According to a study conducted by Avner Ben-Ner, a professor at the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management, the treadmill desk has been found to increase a worker's productivity. 

So we did a quick search and we even found a whole business dedicated to treadmill desks! you can check it out here https://www.thetreadmilldeskstore.co.uk/

2. Standing desks

Now, this blog isn't just about desks but it whilst we're on the topic, we do have to make an honorable mention of standing desks. Did you know that most of us spend more than half of our working day sat in one place? Standing desks change that statistic by encouraging you to adopt a standing position. You'll be surprised at the at the health benefits that standing desks can give you!

3. Healthy snacks

One of the more easily done things is to constantly snack when overloaded with work. To help tackle this, you should purge your kitchen of any and all unhealthy foods and drinks. Instead think about healthier and wholesome alternatives to stock up on. You should be thinking along the lines of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Take a read of our Snack Recipe blog for some inspiration. Adjusting can be difficult at first, but when you see the positive effects on productivity you'll rather reach for a handful of almonds rather than a cookie.

4. Drink water

Being adequately hydrated is strongly linked to concentration and performance, so it's essential that you stay hydrated all day long. You will have heard the figure of '8 cups a day' but our advice is to drink to your thirst. Nothing more, nothing less. For most people, this will be about 2 litres a day on average.

5. Get dressed

Now whilst you don't have to don smart formal work wear, making a ceremonial gesture of getting out of your bed clothes and into your normal clothes can have a big impact on how well you will work from home! It helps with creating some routine and prepares you for 'going' to work. You may just see a change in your attention span and dedication to the task at hand!

We're not saying you have to dress like your going to the office, but you may just surprise yourself!


6. Create a routine

Schedules are an important part of creating and maintaining a healthy work routine. Scheduling your work days and hours on a regular, consistent basis can help you organize your thoughts and keep you from overworking. It's easy to want to sleep in every day until noon and then work sporadically throughout the day, but this inconsistent schedule makes it hard for your body to adjust to a normal working structure. Routines help build efficiency and momentum, improving your overall mood throughout the week.

7. Walking break

"Walking is the best exercise, Habituate yourself to walk far" goes the saying and it cannot be truer when you hit that mental block when working. Take a moment, remove yourself from your desk (unless you have a treadmill desk of course!) and take a brisk walk to re-centre and re-focus. And if the weather is favourable, the extra vitamin D is always welcome. 

8. Work out

Being able to workout is perhaps one of the most important luxuries of working at home. You won't get any funny looks if you want to sit in a squat or a pigeon for a few minutes. The benefits are numerous... relaxation, improved mobility, improved posture... we could go on and on. 

We'd recommend an easy stretching and mobility set just to reset your mind and get the blood (and those creative juices) flowing again. A simple complex with a foam roller or tennis ball can make the world of difference and you'll feel the benefits when you get back to your desk.

9. Home office

Whilst most people don't have to think about working from home, those that do will know how important it is to set aside a working space, one that compliments the work that you're doing. So if you're that person who powers on the laptop, places it firmly on your lap and sits back on your bed, its time to rethink your strategy. Whilst everyone can't afford a home office, the dining table can provide a valuable area in which to concentrate on your work. Work where you feel comfortable, but make a distinct effort to make that space away from your bed or sofa! You'll notice that employing this tactic makes it simpler to disconnect from your work when you're done for the day.


We love to know if you have any tips for being more productive whilst working from home!


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