What are micronutrients? Find out here...

We’ve often heard the term micronutrients being thrown about by nutritionists and practitioners alike but what are they really? where do you get them from and are they absolutely necessary?

In the same vein of the adage “look after the pennies and pounds look after themselves” we could perhaps say “look after the micros….”! Micronutrients are essential vitamins and nutrients that although are required in small amounts in the human body, are absolutely vital to the normal functioning of the human body. And far too often it is the things we take for granted.

The difference between living a healthy, productive life and one fraught with illness can quite often come down to the deficiencies of these nutrients. Now, for the most part, there is no real case against the fact that we should derive these nutrients from whole food sources. This, however, is the utopian view. Life has become too busy, our food choices are based on convenience, our farming methods are designed to deliver quantity, not quality. All this means that that the food we eat may not be as wholesome as it once was when there was an age that really meant “you reap what you sow”

So in summary, YES!!! Micronutrients are pivotal to optimal health. On that note, the sun is shining, so were off to get some Vitamin D!

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