Why did YOU decide to take supplements?


The 3Ds of Supplements

So ask yourself, why would YOU take a supplement? After all were constantly told that we should be able to derive our nutritional needs from our diet. This followed with confusing reports of how the supplement market is completely unnecessary citing a media release every now again.

Ultimately the choice to take a supplement is a personal one. The choice is made by an individual that follows one of the 3D’s

Decision- A person may just choose to take a supplement based on their personal wishes if they have an interest in self-care. The customer is most likely already engaged in a healthy lifestyle but want to cover bases knowing that their diet is not always up to scratch. It's also a convenient way of supplementing the diet for those who have a busy lifestyle. A proactive approach.

Diagnosis- A customer may have undertaken a diagnostic test to determine if they have a deficiency that needs addressing. Check out our blog entry on the various ways you can undergo a diagnostic test

Displaying symptoms- Another reactive approach. Customers may physically notice the symptoms that nutrient deficiencies present and this spurs them into taking action to address the situation.

In summary, the reason why a person takes supplements can be traced back to one of these scenarios. Why do you take yours?!

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