Health (data) is in the air!... well cloud!


The past several years have seen a growth of data collectors and aggregators for people that use Smart devices to record their personal health data.

 My Fitness Pal is perhaps the market leader that invites users to upload their nutritional intake and helps them track recipes and calorie intake.

 Fitbit again is a fantastic example of a smart device that had gripped the nation by storm. Primarily acting as an activity tracker, users are also able to track their sleep patterns and record this information to their smart phone.

 There is no shortage of gadgets. ECG recording by QARDIOCORE and Asthma and respiratory gadgets such as ADAMM are just a couple of the devices driving the innovation in the space that sits between health and technology.

 All of these products and services are in one way or another feeding into the body of accumulated data that is being called connected for health. It is a global movement that aims to improve the healthcare for everyone by helping physicians and doctors know more about you by the health data you have available.

 Vitamyn, are also contributing into this global movement by allowing our customers to record, track and monitor the micro-nutritional values of the supplements they buy from us. This data can then be used to upload in to Apple Health. Did you know the native apple health allows for the recording of no less than 25 micronutrients?!


To find out just how this can help you monitor aspects of your health, read our blog about magnesium and sleep (Link to Blog 2)

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