Chris and Crohns

We have the pleasure of interviewing Chris Thompson, Original founder of Seed Stacked, a healthy snack bar company and thankfully one of the team here at Vitamyn! Whilst being a successful entrepreneur, the reason behind his journey began when he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. We spoke to Chris to try and get an insight of how this disease inspired him to take control of his health through what he eats.


Vitamyn: “Chris, firstly welcome to Vitamyn HQ! just before we get into the detail of Crohn’s and your experience and outlook, just give us some details about you and how you became interested in nutrition"

Chris: “Thanks for having me guys! So to condense the answer I used to be a wrestler! Yes, you heard me right a wrestler, and before you ask me my ring name was Chris lightning! As a wrestler I had to be ripped so my interest in nutrition started there, I wanted to know what the best foods to eat were to achieve what I wanted. Unfortunately one-day several years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s and faced a lot of uncertainty about my lifestyle and health. That led to my further interest in health and nutrition for different reasons, which grew into a business and the rest is history!”

Vitamyn: "For those who may not be familiar with Crohn's, give us the dummies guide to what it is and how changes people's lives?"

Chris: "It's an inflammatory condition (or IBD) that affects the digestive tract, your body can fail to take the nutrition out of food that it needs and can treat certain foods like a foreign object, attacking and getting rid of the food before extracting the nutrition."

Vitamyn: "Tell us how this impacted on your nutrition and how this impacts on your approach now?”

Chris: "I had to strip my diet back and really take note of everything I ate. I always felt I needed to eat extra healthy and get more good nutrition in, I figured if my body is bad at absorbing it, I need to make sure it's getting enough chances to take some in. (in answer to your next question) This is where supplements play a big part, I need to be diligent in what I take and what extras I give my body to give myself the best chance of getting what I need. I regularly take multivitamins and fish oils on top of what I eat. I'm not replacing but doing exactly what the word means - supplementing"

Vitamyn: “Vitamyn was created to make supplements simpler for people who already take supplements. What are your thoughts on our products and how we help make things simpler?"

Chris: "We sometimes all need that nudge, we all have the best intentions in mind when we buy that pot of supplements but sometimes it can still be in the cupboard a few years later – not because we've stopped taking them, but because we've lost track and bought more and more – I have a cupboard full and I'm sure most of Vitamyn's customers did too! Vitamyn makes life so easy for us and gives us that nudge we need to meet our daily needs"

Vitamyn: “We cannot thank you enough for spending some time with us Chris, any closing remarks?”

Chris "Let's keep making supplements simple and make life that little bit easier and healthier for everyone :)"


So if you have been newly diagnosed, in the process of being tested or know someone who has, we've provided some links to resources where you can learn more

Oh and lastly world IBD day is commemorated on 19th May every year!

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