5 habits of ULTRA motivated people

You could bet your house on it. If you opened Instagram right now, within a few posts you will see a motivational post someone is sharing. MOTIVATION is everywhere and so are motivators. The personalities are endless, their methods are all different but one thing you can guarantee is that motivation is everywhere.

But ask yourself, what do these people do every day the makes them so? What are their habits? What is different about them?

So after hours and hours of reading books and listening to motivational videos and podcasts, I sat down to try and figure out what they all had in common. This blog is about wanting to share what I found to be 5 habits of very motivated people...

Here's a link to my favourite motivational channel on youtube
1. They are reflective 
Motivated people will sit back and reflect. And they do this often. By reflecting on a scenario or outcome they are able to learn more effectively. It is through this continuous action of self-reflection, learning and improvement they find themselves getting better and better...which to the general population looks as though they get luckier and luckier! 
The achievements, the failures, the wins or the losses, no matter how big or small everything is reflected upon. They find reasons to extract constructive lessons and collectively these feed into their willpower and determination. 

2. They know the value of Networking
They know the importance of networking. When they walk into a room full of people, they're looking for the smartest person in there and will make sure that they go and stand next to them and learn from them. They'll constantly introduce themselves to people, make sure they are memorable to people, paying close attention to details and remembering these for the future.

All this comes from the fact that they know their own limitations and are not scared to call on others for help. They don't care if they get rejected, they are not scared of it. For them, it is a binary decision...Can this person help me? yes...great. No...on to the next one. Very little emotion is invested when making decisions like these, and this is helped by knowing that you have many people to turn to, to seek support.

Which nicely leads on to the next point...

3. They Are Grateful. Very Grateful.
Not everything is about take, take, take. They also give, give, give. Motivators are extremely grateful for everything they have. Their gratitude is usually evident in their content and their work. Many of them are philanthropists, deep in charity work, and sharing their knowledge and wisdom with anyone who wants to listen. 

They know that no matter what happens, somebody somewhere has it worse than they do, and so their default position is to be grateful for whatever they have!

4. They are Focused
They are super focused. In fact super doesn't even cut it. They have laser like focus on what they want to achieve. It's this focus that allows them to work hour after hour, day after day on the objective they have set for themselves. It doesn't matter to them if they fail. They keep to the original vision and do not get distracted by bumps in the road. If they fall, they dust themselves off and go again. And again.....and again until they get there.

5. If they have a goal, they write it down
Another observation is that when these people have a goal they write it down. Whether in their journal, business plan or on some scrap paper, you can bet your last pound that they will have transferred it to ink on paper. It is the very act of writing it down that holds them accountable to what they want to achieve. It is usually their first step and by doing so they have already set out beyond those who are just dreaming about doing the same thing.
Ergo... if you have a goal. Write it down. And then set to work.
So there we have it folks, 5 habits of the motivated and perhaps a moment to step back and take this in. I'd love to know whether you agree/disagree, please leave a comment below.

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