5 Super healthy fruit infused drinks

Previously we wrote about how infusing fruits can transform water and help you take on board more of it for a healthier you.

We wanted to follow this up with some delicious recipes and ideas for those who want to give it a go! 

Bottomline is they’re easy, fun and really rewarding. For those who have kids, it's also an awesome way to get them to think about water and fruits in a world where we are bombarded with concentrate juices and pop.

so here we go

1. Lime, Cucumber, Mint

(Image: Eating Richly)

 A really simple and effective combination of everyday fridge items. Slice up the lime, slice up the cucumber and throw 4/5 in the whole mint leaves into your pitcher or bottle. Leave in the fridge overnight…..And enjoy. You can thank us later!

2. Watermelon mojito

(Image: The Two Bananas)

 So this is the perfect cooler for a hot summers day. Whilst not quite the mojito most would want, it definitely makes you want more! Chop up your watermelon, chuck in the mint, slice your strawberries, squeeze half a lime and then throw in the rind too. Sit back and put your feet up and soak up that sun! When ready, pour over crushed ice and serve…. With a straw and a little umbrella of course!

3. Blorange (spoken with a French twang)

(image: Healthy Food Home)

 Take a juicy orange, cut out a few thin wedges, a handful of blueberries and job done. Super simple, super quick. And super tasty!

4. 'Passion'

When one has passion, you rarely need more. And this is so true of the infused water variation. Slice a passion fruit in half scoop out the fruit and add it to a jug of ice cold water. 

You won't need anything else, just like you don’t if you have passion!

5. Coriander and Citrus 

A medley of lemon, lime and orange wedges and a bunch of coriander is all you need for this one. Remember to leave the rind on the fruits and cut a series of wedges and slices for presentation!

So there we have it folks, our 5 quick ideas for infused waters. We’d love for you to try them and let us know what you thought. In fact, we’d love to hear your ideas and recipes so get social with us!

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