6 reasons why you should really try infused water

When the topic of nutrition and health comes up, the human mind seemingly drifts to food, or in this day and age, pictures of food via Facebook Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat! Water doesn’t really figure.

But do we really understand how vital water actually is? Just let these following stats sink in for a second.

Give or take a few % the composition of the human body is around 60-70% water! Now this varies from males to females and between the young and the old, but it's generally the ballpark figure. Now, look at it another way. You could potentially survive unto 3 weeks without food, but would not last 3 days without water.

ergo…. water water water! But let's face it. It is boring. It's colourless, tasteless, aroma-less.  It may be cold and quenching but sometimes, just sometimes the palette calls for more. (In fact most times it calls for more!)

So we drew up a list of 6 benefits of drinking infused water.


  • Flavour- Water in which fruit has been infused retains the depth and sweetness of the ingredients used. Especially citrus fruits that have rinds like oranges, lemons and limes. There is a distinct difference from watered juices.
  • Presentation-If you’re creative, then infusing is certainly for you. Combinations are endless and so are the results that all those wonderful colours and textures produce. We guarantee you’ll have an Instagram-friendly post in no time!
  • Time saver- whereas juicing is really popular right now with the Nutri bullet movement, infusing just saves so much more time! if you are going to juice, you need to put all the fresh produce on your shopping list, clean the juicer once you're done. If you're infusing, you can simply improvise with what you have in the kitchen
  • Calorie counters- water infused with fruits holds next to nothing when it comes to calories. Water is satiating and you will likely take on more water towards your daily target because of how nice it tastes! did you know that quite often when your stomach tells you that you’re hungry, well… you’re not really hungry but thirsty instead. So it's also a great way of keeping those snacking demons at bay
  • Unsuspecting snacking- this bit is our favourite. Say you thought you were hungry, and have finished your water, but then realise that you’re actually hungry. Just when you think you finished all your water, you can open up your bottle and snack on the fruit inside. Usually, the fruit has absorbed water so just explodes with H2O goodness against the walls of your mouth
  • Hydration- Lastly but most importantly, its a really cool way of hitting your fluid targets. If you’re particularly active or live in a hot climate, the importance of remaining hydrated is even more pertinent.

So there we have it folks, do you really need any more reasons to be convinced to begin infusing?! if you already do, please leave us with some recipes. Alternatively, if you looking for ideas the click here for our Infusion Recipes blog entry.

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