A pod a day keeps the Doctor away...

In every industry, there comes a time when things are shaken up for the better. How things are sold, how they're packaged. We've seen this pattern repeat itself through many different markets and with many different products.

One of the biggest and best examples of this change is Graze, a site where you can sign up to having regular healthy snacks delivered through your letterbox. Just consider this for a second. Their snacks are delicious, they are a treat but you could buy everything you need from your local supermarket. But Graze has taken this simple concept and developed it into something pretty amazing. They have single-handedly led the subscription revolution and continue to shake things up for those who fancy a little bit more than just a homemade trail mix from a boring Tupperware box. 

So what does this have to do with Vitamyn?! Our ambition is no less lofty than the achievements of Graze, but we have developed a simpler solution for vitamin users to buy, manage, take, track and refill their vitamins. At the heart of what makes us different is the humble pod. An easy to use, convenient solution to house your daily vitamins, ready for you to take wherever life may lead you.

If you're a regular vitamin user, here are 5 reasons why you should consider using Vitamyn to help you stay on top of your daily dose

1. More convenient

We couldn't say this any simpler. Taking your daily vitamins is more convenient with Vitamyn. It's time to say goodbye to the vitamin graveyard of old bottles and pots of all the vitamins you regularly take. Say hello to Vitamyn!

Each one of the daily pods has your daily requirements lovingly pre-packed for you. No more counting out pills from separate containers, no more wrapping them in kitchen roll to take at your office desk. Simply pop out a pod and pack it along with the rest of your lunch.

2. More hygienic

Did you know, the human hand has over 150 different types of bacteria at any time! How many times have you tipped out your vitamins on to your hand and then slipped the ones you don't need back into the bottle? This means that you're adding bacteria to your vitamins everytime you touch them.

Our pods are individually packed at our clean facilities at the University of Hull, so they are not handled again until you're ready to take them!

3. More fresh

Have you ever considered, every time you open your vitamin bottles your expose them to the atmosphere? And how many times will you do this over the course of a month? 20? 30 perhaps? When you open your pots to measure out what you need for the day, you unknowingly allow your vitamins to degrade. Other factors that cause your vitamins to degrade can be light, temperature, moisture content and oxygen.

Vitamyn pods are individually sealed and vacuum packed meaning they stay fresher for longer. The recyclable plastic seals are heat sealed into place to keep your vitamins in pristine condition so they are fresh as the day they were packed!

4. More value

On the high street, we're always encouraged to overbuy and overpay for vitamins by the multitude of discounts and penny sales. This means that over time, people always end up with a stockpile of vitamins that often go to waste and take up space.

With Vitamyn, we promise to send you the right amount at the right time. No more, no less. We handle the packaging, the process and deliver to you directly so we are able to pass the savings directly to you. No nonsense.

5. More personal

We're getting personal. Really personal. We've made a pledge to make products for you personally. We spent an incredible amount of time and effort in figuring out the secrets to make products needed by you, and specifically for your body. We've eliminated the guesswork and it all starts with a simple blood test. From here, our laboratories analyse your deficiencies and then we're able to recommend exactly what you need, specifically for you. All it takes is a drop of blood. 

So stop buying vitamins made for others, and start buying made for you. Start your trial today for just £5.95 



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