The V Files...the truth is out there

For the longest time, we have been the victims of coverups and conspiracies. Myths and monsters. Folklore and fallacies. But we say no more! We're rising up against the controlling marketing machine out there, to tell the truth about vitamins and supplements.

In an attempt to debunk the claims and counter-claims of what, how much and when we should be taking our vitamins, we're releasing the V files (queue spooky music).

The V-Files is a series of weekly short blogs where we explore urban legends about a mythical and miraculous supplement and follow the arc through to expose the truth about the story behind the said product. Yes that's right...the good, the bad, but most importantly, the truth.

No murders or monsters here though, just plain simple facts presented to you in an informative mini-series helping you to better understand what your body needs to help optimise your health for a more fulfilling and rewarding life

Teaser for the first blog...How can we find out what our bodies really need? Stay tuned...

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I am loving this. Can’t wait to hear and see more from The V files

John Malone July 13, 2018

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