Vitamins In the Future

Supplements as we know them today have been around since the 60s and started gaining mainstream traction in the 80s and 90s.
Nowadays the global industry is worth an estimated WHOPPING £78bn. 
But what is in store for the future? Is it going to be more pills? powders?
Industry research indicates the a trend towards personalisation is the next big thing. 34% of you have indicated that you want to use technology to help track nutritional data in the future. This means that the likely future for the nutrition industry will switch momentum with companies investing in technology to help you track what you take rather change what you take. Personalisation recommendations based on deficiencies or gap in the diet seems to be where we are heading. Testing for deficiencies is becoming more accessible, and the rise of DNA testing for individual metabolism is gaining momentum.
And guess what… Vitamyn were doing just that. We’re ahead of the curve. Download our app here and find out just how to track your micro nutritional intake…...

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