Why consistency is the driver behind success...


We live in an age where trends dominate. What is cool one day, is forgotten the next. Scientific headlines will tell us one thing, and in the latest study, it will draw a different narrative.

The question is not which path you follow but rather choose a path and follow it consistently, wholeheartedly and apply those principles daily, without fail. Then and only then will you ever make progress. Then and only then will you set out to reach the place you have set for yourself.

As a Pharmacist, I have supplied thousands of patients with medication and advice on how to get healthier following an ailment they have presented with. I often dish out antibiotics prescriptions only to have the patient return within a few days complaining that they do not work. The conversation often follows the following narrative:

Me: Did you complete the course?

Patient: Well, for the first two days I took them exactly as you said. Then I missed a couple of days as forgot to take them to work with me. Can you give me something stronger?

Well, the answer is no! I can’t. Not only because I need a prescription from the Doctor but please ask yourself, if you had completed the course exactly as I advised, I do not think we would be having this conversation! I think you would be better, back to your normal healthier self and rid of the infection that had bogged you down!

The point being if the patient had consistently taken the medication over the time prescribed, they would have seen the results. The medication would have worked. They would have been healthier.

This principle applies to everything in life, but its manifestations in achieving better health from diet or exercise do not ring truer here.

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.” 

― Jim Rohn

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