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We have come a long way with many learnings on the way and we bring that experience to you.

1 in 3 UK adults are regular supplement users

With an impersonal plethora of off-the-shelf products - it’s completely confusing as to what, when and how much one should take. If you manage to decide on what you want, there’s the daily pain of removing them from multiple pots, travelling with them, remembering to take them on time every time for optimal results.

from humble beginnings

As both a health professional and fitness enthusiast, I found there to be a number of problems with the industry and the lack of focus on the end user. The biggest of these was compliance, or rather a lack of it.  After all, supplements only work if you take them.

With in-depth knowledge of pharmaceuticals, both scientific and production we bootstrapped the vitamyn brand and began our journey to curate the essential supplements for the active person with an emphasis on getting you to take them CONSISTENTLY.

With the help of technology, helping you log and guiding your way through taking supplements, we made it our mission to provide a 'Best in Class' solution for all those with the desire to aid their body for peak performance and health.

Vitamyn provides the solution

We do this by removing the burden of choice and delivering just the right amount of product at just the right time!

Our app feeds back personalised data as to micronutrient intake, individual compliance rates, linking with aggregators such as Apple health to populate your personal health data.

Quality is key

Our vitamins and minerals are selected with quality and efficacy at the top of our list. Each pack is made and assembled by a dedicated team at our laboratories at The University Of Hull. This enables us to ensure that we can control the excellence of the product. 

From idea to subscription... a word from the founder

Back in 2013, I had a eureka moment, and Vitamyn was born. As a regular supplement user, I became convinced that there was a better way to buying and juggling different pots, traveling and trying to keep on top of my daily routine. Since then I've worked tirelessly to create a seamless and more rewarding experience for supplement users.

Great products are created by great teams and my industry experience has given me the advantage of being able to connect with the best advisors and manufacturers to be able to deliver a truly outstanding product and service.

I want to say thank you to each and every person who has helped in creating Vitamyn so far, but we're only just getting started... buckle up, and join me on my journey.

Welcome to Vitamyn!


Farooq Aslam--Founder

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