About us

Hi, I’m Farooq, a Pharmacist with 7 years experience of Pharmacy and the Pharmaceutical industry.

Supplements are used in abundance, with 1 in 3 UK adults being regular users. However I’ve found there are a number of problems...

There’s an impersonal plethora of off the shelf products - it’s completely confusing as to what, when and how much one should take. If you manage to decide on what you want, there’s the daily pain of removing them from multiple pots, travelling with them, remembering to take them on time every time for optimal results.

Vitamyn solves that by removing the burden of choice, delivering just the right amount of product at just the right time, with an emphasis on technology to help you log and guide your way through taking them. The technology feeds back personalised data as to micronutrient intake, individual compliance rates, linking with aggregators such as Apple health to populate your personal health data.

I’ve built an advisory board and team of people to help scale and deliver the product.