1 in 3 UK adults are regular supplement users

That is almost 15 million adults. And we're still buying vitamins with little or no real knowledge about what we should be taking, how much and when. Impersonal, off-the-shelf products, overwhelming choice are the just the start. For too long, we have been overpaying and over buying products we simply do not need. 

Vitamyn was created to bring the supplement experience into the 21st century

From humble beginnings

With a healthcare first team, we found there to be a number of problems with the industry and the lack of focus on the end user. The biggest of these was compliance or rather a lack of it.  After all, supplements only work if you take them.

With in-depth knowledge of pharmaceuticals, both scientific and production we bootstrapped the Vitamyn brand and began our journey to curate the essential supplements optimised for better health, with an emphasis on getting you to take them CONSISTENTLY.

Our mission

We have made it our mission to improve the health of the nation by empowering vitamin takers around the country with the knowledge and information they need to make empowered decisions regarding vitamins and their health. We want to help people beat preventative illnesses that arise from poor vitamin intake in their diets

We help you by:

1) Truly understanding your unique requirements by testing your blood for low and/or deficient nutrients
2) Creating hyper-personalised vitamin recommendations to rectify those deficiencies delivered in highly convenient, easy to use solution
3) Using technology to guide your way through your journey back to optimal health. Our app feeds back personalised data as to micronutrient intake, individual compliance rates, linking with aggregators such as Apple health to populate your personal health data.

Our purpose

The truly personalised experience begins by testing your blood. To deliver this seamless experience, we have partnered with UKAS accredited laboratories to process your samples accurately and efficiently. 

By innovating the traditional supply chain, we're able to deliver premium, fresher products to our customers and pass on the benefits and savings.

The vitamins and minerals are selected with quality at the core of the customer experience. Each pack is assembled to order by our dedicated healthcare led team ensuring that the product reaches you in perfect condition.