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The all-new vitamyn app has been designed to make it simpler to learn about your micro-nutritional intake and how it can help with reaching your health goals. It consolidates data from your physical pack, so you can view all your intake in one convenient place. 

When you open the vitamyn app you see several features, each playing an important role in your overall vitamyn experience. 


The vitamyn app keeps you consistent with taking your vitamins by sending you a notification at the time you set it to. You can choose to confirm the dose if you have already taken it, snooze to remind yourself later in the day, or if you have totally forgotten that day, you can record a missed dose.

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Data Tracking

Taking vitamins is a health intervention. A way to assess the effectiveness of that intervention is to keep a record of how often you are making that intervention.

With the app, you will now be able to record the values of the nutrients you're putting in your body from the supplements you take. By seamlessly exporting the data into apple health, it lets you visualise the amount of vitamins you're taking on a daily basis.

You can keep the record for your personal progress or share it with your Nutritionist/Dietician or Doctor

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Getting the most out of your vitamins is important. After all, you’re making a financial and and emotional investment into your health. Vitamyn will be delivering greater insights into your relationship with the very products you have chosen to help improve your health.  The integration of our app with the products we sell is the first of its kind and we want you to understand your vitamins better and how much better they are making you feel.

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